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RTS Title Re-Legion announces 2019 release with new trailer

Re-Legion RTS Announcement Trailer

Developer Ice Code Games has announced that their cyberpunk RTS title, Re-Legion, will be delayed by a few months. The game will miss it’s original 2018 launch window and instead land in Q1 2019.

The truly keen among you may notice that this game originally had a release set for this year in 2018. That has been pushed to next year, according to the devs, they just needed more time to make the game line up with their vision of what it should be. The developers had the following to say:

“Re-Legion is moved to Q1 2019. The decision behind is pretty simple. We just wanted to spend more time on the development of the game. Do more polishing and making the experience truly memorable. All we want to do is to deliver the best game we can and for you guys to have an amazing time while playing it.”

The game itself is a very interesting concept that fuses dystopian horror and sci-fi with strategy gaming.

The player takes control of a cult leader named Elion who wished to propel his grand plans to new heights of depravity and insanity. Throughout the course of the story you’ll unlock new abilities and more powerful allies as the group grows in influence. Spend CrypoCredits to purchase new upgrades like weapons or in-battle abilities. Have followers pray to their dark gods to increase the supernatural potential of the cult. And undertake special missions to grow your influence over the city by hacking billboards and the like to radicalize the local population.

Re-Legion also includes a diverse tree of choices called “Dogmas”. The Dogmas you choose over the course of the game will affect both the cult itself and the game as whole. You could choose Dogmas that fit a certain playstyle, like being more tyrannical towards non-believers. Or these can be treated as more roleplaying elements with bonuses attached, if you want to encourage a certain type of follower among your flock. There will be dozens of these choices in the final game, allowing for tons of replayability.

Re-Legion will be launching sometime in Q1 2019 and will be available for PC. Check out the trailer for the cyberpunk RTS down below. We’ve also included the original teaser trailer for those of you just hearing about this and wishing to learn more about it.

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