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Razer CEO has mistreated and threatened staff, according to report


According to new reports and accusations surfacing online, there’s some very damning allegations surrounding the CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan. Min-Liang Tan is the co-founder, chief executive officer and creative director of gaming hardware company, Razer Inc., and CEO of THX. Kotaku has released a report alleges the Singaporean entrepreneur abused various employees in a variety of ways.

Various former members of staff for the PC peripheral company had supplied e-mails and other evidence to support the claims. According to these e-mails, the CEO was “officially pissed off” over Razer not getting into Fast Company’s 2014 list of “Most Innovative Companies.” In the email, Tan asked his marketing employees, “Are you guys f*cking off?”

What’s Happening With Razer?

Another incident was retold by Razer director of marketing at the time, Greg Agius. Agius wanted to get Tan “in front of Fast Company” in an attempt at boosting his image as the “Asian Steve Jobs.” It seems like Tan was not a fan of the idea of an-person media tour that was part of the proposal.

“Wait,” Tan wrote back, “You’re telling me because I didn’t go for the tour you can’t do your f*cking job?” Hours later, Agius was fired, according to three former employees. Many other employees, ten in all, supported claims in anonymous statements to Kotaku. These employees described the boss as a “tempestuous, volatile boss” with many bouts of anger and shouting

Razer responded to a number of emails sent by Kotaku over the matter, Razer sent a long list of written responses, with wild tone. According to one response, speaking about specific claims, “no one would have ever been terminated for one such matter.” The responses also dismiss some claims, mostly by saying that any company of 1,300 people across the globe “would be disgruntled or unhappy.”

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In a social media post on Instagram, Tan didn’t really respond, but did praise himself. He noted that he can “become way worse than Gordon Ramsay” with his “attention to detail.” That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, nor does it really dispute the claims against him. He includes the typical CEO-speak of “I believe there’s greatness in everyone, but it’s important to demand the best and most from everyone (including myself).” In layman’s terms, this amounts to “I believe I should be able to demand unreasonable things because I have no problem with abuse or exploitation.”

Source: Kotaku

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