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Railroad Corporation fully released on November 18th

Railroad Corporation Coming to Early Access

Good news fans of trains and business sims, Iceberg Interactive has finally revealed when Railroad Corporation will be coming out of Early Access. According to their newest press release, Railroad Corporation will be coming out on November 18th, after a long wait for fans.

Since the reveal of the game – and it’s subsequent stint in Early Access – Railroad Corporation has been getting steadily more fun and resilient with new content. Iceberg has been working to flesh out the overall experience with a variety of new modes and other content. But of course, we cannot help but talk about the main draw for these kinds of games, the simulation. As players build up their transport empire, they help stimulate the local economy. But you need to keep an eye on trends that may influence the ebb and flow of your own profit. If the local economy for some necessities that you built your lines around transporting collapses, you need a plan for how to respond. The fully released version also includes a stock market feature for further economics chicanery.

Railroad Corporation will also force the player to interact with the world around them in other ways beyond straight economics. Much like the power politics of today, there’s a careful game to be played among the wealthy and powerful. Do you have the political savvy to negotiate with political currents and make a profit at the same time?

For all of you who just want to live out your fantasies of building a train line without the business simulation hassles, there’s a new sandbox mode coming to Railroad Corporation. Test your mettle and see if you can guide your train company through the Golden Age of Steam.

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Another feature that will be in the game along with the sandbox mode is a full challenge mode that’s aimed at giving a much more narrow and focused experience to the player. If you just want a simpler set of objectives compared to the full game, this is the mode for you.

We’ve included the new launch stream for the game down below, if you’re looking to get some questions answered about the new sim.

Here’s how the developer describes their new game:

Relive the pioneering spirit of the Golden Age of Steam, by establishing your own railroad empire across 19th Century North America. Build the lines, buy the rolling stock and prosper in the cities you connect – compete against other railroad tycoons and work your way to the top.


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