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Rage 2 gets new gameplay footage showing state of game pre-beta

Rage 2 Pre-Beta Gameplay Footage

Bethesda has just put out even more awesome gameplay footage of Rage 2, ahead of the game going into beta. It looks chaotic and smooth, in the best way, fans are sure to enjoy the insanity that this game will provide in spades. Rage 2 is being developed by by id Software and Avalanche Studios and will put the open world and massive amount of weapons to good use when it releases later this year.

The game includes a ton of different options for players to bring to the battlefield. There’s a huge weapon tree with a ton of customization and explosive potentital. Rage 2 is lousy with weapons, exactly what you would expect from a mutant-infested wasteland of psychopaths, from nitro trucks to quad-barrelled shotguns that fire acid grenades. Just imagine DOOM but with a lot more gasoline and explosions.

The gameplay itself shows off some of these weapons, as well as a handful of new abilities players will be able to make use of. As the player battles their way through legions of enemies, they make use of a flight ability we haven’t seen before, which is pretty dope. There are of course other abilities in the game, all powered by the mysterious Nanotrite. There’s of course a big open world as well, and with all the options you have for abilities, weapons and vehicles, trekking across this wasteland will be a blast. It feels a fair bit like we’re playing a much more modern, but just as fun, version of Borderlands 2. And I personally love that idea.

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Check out the new gameplay footage of Rage 2 down below. Rage 2 is set to release later this year on May 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’d like to pre-order the game ahead of that time, you can currently do so via Amazon.

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