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Rage 2 has hit gold status, coming out soon

Rage 2 Pre-Beta Gameplay Footage

So it turns out that RAGE 2 is getting very close to being finished ahead of its launch later this month. Bethesda has announced that the shooter has gone gold this week. This means that the title has finally been completed in terms of development, before moving on to production. “Going Gold” means that the game data has been copied to the golden master discs that manufacturers use to create copies of the title. So it also means that gamers will start receiving their copies very soon indeed. It may be an old term in the modern era, as many games aren’t pressed from a master disc in this manner anymore, but it’s likely stuck around until this point because it sounds kind of cool.

Here’s what the team at Bethesda had to say on the announcement:

Over the past year, we’ve had the best time getting hyped up for the game’s launch on May 14. From our announcement trailer set to the sounds of Andrew W.K., to Danny Brown’s Open World escapade – ain’t it funny how it happens? Between our hands-on events around the globe, our reveal of cheat codes making a big comeback, and so much more, it’s clear the fun is just getting started, with less than a month to go before our hot pink global takeover.

As we prepare for the insanity, we put together a handy guide with some important details that should get you up to speed for launch.

The game is due to launch on May 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The company has also revealed the PC system requirements for the game, so check those out if you’re looking to grab RAGE 2 on that platform.

If you want to see more of this chaotic and insane shooter in action, Bethesda has produced a fair bit of cool content. Check out a peek at the story and some of the really strange weapons from PAX East this past year. And if you want to see more of the weapons in the game, check out this other trailer.

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