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PUBG plans new map and other additions on Xbox


The Xbox version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has some issues, which the developer is working on, but that hasn’t stopped the team at Bluehole from planning for the future either.

The news for PUBG comes via a new trailer that was shown during the conference that shines the spotlight on new maps, player customization and more.

Additionally, there’s a new War Mode and other changes will be arriving later this winter. Lastly, there was a tease of the new maps that are coming to various versions of the game over the next few months. The Sanhok map will land on PC on June 22, but we don’t have an exact date for the Xbox One release yet. This new map is meant to be much smaller and feature a lot more close-quarters combat compared to other maps in PUBG. Microsoft also revealed a new map is coming in winter 2018. Whatever that map becomes, we know it’s the first PUBG map to feature snow.

While it’s still a ways off, PC and console players may well see feature parity over the next few months, only time will tell.

Check out the PUBG segment from the E3 presser below.

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