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PS4 hits 100 million units sold milestone in record time

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The PlayStation brand is a titanic presence within the games industry and beyond, and now the PS4 has established itself as a new power on the block. Sony’s latest home games console has become the fastest-ever home console to hit the 100 million units sold milestone.

Debuting in 2013, the PlayStation 4 has quickly become a goto games platform for millions of gamers across the globe. The console has just surpassed that 100 million units sold too, according to Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners.  His analysis also highlights that the PS4 achieved this mark faster than the best-selling Sony console ever the PS2. And it even beat out the Nintendo Wii, which was its own major success story.

Although the PS4 still has a ways to go to edge out the total units sold of the PS2, at more than 155 million. At current pace it would take 3-5 years of consistent hardware sales to beat that number. The problem is, hardware sales are definitely declining. And with the imminent launch of the PS5 in the next couple of years at the latest, those sales numbers are due to take a big hit in 2020 and beyond.

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The PS4 now stands fourth in the all-time console sales numbers, although it’s likely to climb if current trends hold relatively steady. Ad with the continuing monstrous pace of software sales, now with more than 1 billion PS4 software units sold, that aspect of the industry appears as solid as ever. Although one interesting take away is that software distribution has undeniably changed. Sony revealed that digital download share has passed the 50 percent mark, meaning more people are now purchasing digital games than physical disc copies.

And with the advent of discless consoles becoming more common, that figure for digital sales is likely to explode in the next five years.

The PlayStation line of console stretches all the way back to 1994, with the original release of the PlayStation 1, which was the first ever video game console to sell 100 million units by the way. The series of consoles has gone on to sell more than 500 million units combined. So while the PS4 isn’t likely the dethrone the epic PS2 in terms of raw sales, there’s still plenty of gas left in the tank for this console gaming beast.

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