Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC – All Useful Items and Upgrades

Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC

The new Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield is a very deep DLC for such a small area. Adding dozens of entries to the rosters is just the start. The Isle of Armor is home to many useful NPCs as well, all of which are unique to the island. They can be used to unlock a wide array of helpful tools and items. Also, there’s an entirely new story here that involves becoming a more powerful Trainer.

The variety of NPCs is pretty interesting, with each one offering various customization options for the Trainer, Pokémon and more. Each one also has their own requirements for unlocking it. These NPCs are listed below.

You will need to farm both tons of Watts and plenty of Armorite Ore to unlock all of these things. So be sure to use our guide to get going on that.

  • Lady Clear: Workout Sea – Completely reworks the stats of a chosen Pokémon. This allows you to start from scratch on EV training. Costs 10 Armorite Ore. Located on a tiny, empty island out in the sea.
  • Bike Lady: Fields of Honor – This NPC gives you the option to change the bike’s paint job and other customization options. You will find this NPC on the left side of the Dojo.
  • Fashion Designer: Armor Station – A source for new clothes, costs 3,000 Dollars for a new outfit.
  • Max Soup Cook: Master Dojo – Complete the second Dojo trial to unlock this NPC and bring them 3 Max Mushrooms to unlock Max Soup. Found in the kitchen of the Master Dojo.
  • Move Tutor: Master Dojo – Head to the back of the Dojo after completing the very first trial. This NPC will take 5 Armorite Ore and teach you a few unique moves.
  • Miss Honey: Master Dojo – When you complete all three trials, Miss Honey will allow you to upgrade the Master Dojo and gain new useful functions.
    • 5,000 Watts: Hairstylist
    • 10,000 Watts: Rotomi Terminal (Non-functioning)
    • 20,000 Watts: Rotomi Terminal (functioning)
    • 30,000 Watts: Vending Machine
    • 40,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Item – Soda Pop
    • 50,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Item – Lemonade
    • 100,000 Watts: Daily Free Ingredients
    • 200,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Items – Supplements
    • 300,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Items – More Supplements
    • 400,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Items – Even More Supplements
  • Hyde: Master Dojo – Honey’s son who you will meet throughout the story. He gives you the item combining machine, the Cram-O-Matic. This NPC is sitting at the desk, you can trade 100 Watts to him for a Cram-O-Matic recipe too.
  • Digging Ma: Use this NPC to farm Armorite Ore. Will give you a choice between a guaranteed 1 Ore, or dig for more. It’s best to go for one most of the time, as digging has a low success rate.
  • Digging Pa: Stands just outside the Warm-Up Tunnel in the Training Lowlands. Trade Armorite Ore for a big bundle of Watts each time.
    • If you’re lucky, you can earn an insane amount of Watts.
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