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Pokemon Sword And Shield getting Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pokemon Sword And Shield has revealed a crossover with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pokemon Sword and Shield and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are revealing a new crossover that will bring the two popular titles together. Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. are two of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, so it makes perfect since. The former of the two had an extremely successful launch across the globe. Sword and Shield had one of the biggest UK launches in the franchise’s history. So seeing the game using that popularity to boost other games is a no-brainer for Nintendo.

The reveal was made via Twitter, which you can see below. The new spirits will release with a new limited time event, which will focus on players challenging NPC fighters. These new fighters are thoroughly customized, and rather tough. The players who manage to overcome this challenge will earn the new Spirits as a reward.

The Spirits are pretty varied. There two boxed Legendaries, Corviknight, and Morpeko that lead the charge. All three of the starters are also represented. The new Pokemon Sword And Shield event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will officially begin on November 22nd, this Friday, and it will last for five days.

Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are a kind of complex new addition for the franchise. These new hero units don’t have the full move lists of main characters, but they do offer plenty of new options and mechanics. Spirits in Smash Bros. Ultimate are a gameplay mechanic where players can equip the spirits of non-playable Nintendo characters to the playable roster. The spirits then imbue the playable fighters with special power-ups or stat bonuses.

The developers of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have consistently added new content to the fighting game. Oretty much every major Ninty franchise has gotten some form of representation. And of course, there were some Amiibos too. Nintendo also released some footage of these Spirits and a ton of new characters from a while back. The roster of both Spirits and main characters in this game is packed. If you want to see some of them in action, check out the trailer below.

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