Pokémon Go’s Buddy Up event explained

Everything you need to know about Pokémon Go’s Buddy Up event

Pokémon Go’s Buddy Up event goes live this week and gives players of the mobile game something new to do. This event follows the tone and template of the Spring Event from earlier in the month, bringing with it some increased spawns for certain Pokémon and a few other bonuses. While these spawns are not all sporting a unifying theme like last time, it’s still nice to have something new to catch. There will be increased Candy and Stardust spawns as well. But aside from the same stuff, there’s something entirely new this time around.

The newly added Buddy Pokémon are the real focus though. These helpful pals will go around and collect various rewards like Candies for you as you play the game. Your Buddy Pokémon is the same one that you feature on your profile as your showcase, and it’s been massively expanded from just a showpiece. You can change your buddy by clicking your trainer profile at the lower right-hand section of the screen and go to the next tab at the top.

As for more common spawns, there is a good mix of different species. Chansy, Eevee, Feebas, Lillipup, Joltik, and Alolan Meowth are all more common out in the wild during the event. Also,  Illumise and Volbeat are available in all regions during Pokémon Go’s Buddy Up event. 5-kilometer eggs and  2-kilometer eggs will also hold some special gifts like these spawns. And yes, the remote event features will be enabled during the event, as COVID-19 is still and active threat in many countries.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, niantic implemented a social distancing system that would allow players to take part in raids and events by purchasing remote raid passes and Pokéballs for just a single PokéCoin. It’s a great idea to keep people engaged and safe in these difficult times.

Pokémon Go’s Buddy Up event is live now, and will run until the end of the week. The event goes from Apr. 21from 8:00am to Apr. 27 at 10:00pm in your local time.

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