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Pokémon Go will get an online ranked Battle League in 2020

Pokemon Go

With the introduction of a new patch to Pokémon Go, the existing Trainer Battle is being massively overhauled. Currently, Trainer Battles rely on the other player to accept the request to duel before you can actually engage in any PvP. But that’s all changing, as Niantic is building an entirely new version of the existing system that will even offer new competitive matchmaking, and ostensibly some kind of ranking system.

The introduction of an expanded PvP mode offers another option for figuring out who the best Pokémon Go player really is.  With this new system, called the GO Battle League, players will have multiple options for which tier of combat to enter. There are three tiers, each offering different restrictions and gameplay trappings. Gamers can choose from either Great League, Ultra League, or Master League, with each one having their own lobbies and matchmaking systems attached.

The patch is due to land sometime next year, Niantic aims for “early 2020” according to the announcement.

In terms of what’s actually included, it’s a surprising amount of content.

But if mobile gaming isn’t your thing, there’s another option for you if you’re looking for something a bit more sit-down. The other option for Pokémon fans is on the Switch. Pokémon Sword and Shield set to launch on November 15th for the Nintendo Switch, bringing the new Galar region with an entirely remixed Pokédex and a bunch of new features. For one thing, the combat in this new Switch title is getting a huge overhaul with the introduction of Gigantamax forms and a new 3v3 PvP mode which makes the new super-powered forms much more crucial.

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