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Path of Exile 3.13 Ascendancy Changes Overview

POE 3.13 Ascendancy Changes

In Path of Exile 3.13 Ascendancy changes will be a big part of how the game is being balanced. With 40 new skills also being added, the meta-game is getting a huge overhaul. Pretty much all the numbers offering raw damage and stats have been altered, so let’s dive and see what classes are looking like going into the new expansion.

Some of these changes might seem like nerfs, but it’s more of a streamlining. GGG took into account the current mentality of players and their build propensity to make Ascendancy changes that would be most impactful. As the dev team put it, “in Echoes of the Atlas, our intention was to streamline many of these passive nodes so that they were much simpler but more powerful. This meant removing many of these filler stats that didn’t actually impact builds in a meaningful way.”

And while the tendency might be to freak out and go through all the changes trying to find the best build, that’s not really the approach you should have. Folks will be freaking out and not noticing that not just one Ascendancy took a damage nerf in 3.13. That means that if all 19 classes took a hit, then all the overall power of all classes is down, so they’re all on equal footing.

Check out the full trees on the POE site, but first check below for the overview.

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The Best Winners

These builds either got major buffs or incredibly deep changes that transform how they play.


Rapid Assault has been given a huge power increase thanks to the new Onslaught generation, along with phasing. That can be given to any build to get nearly 60% movement speed buff. Other buffs include a major shift towards more generalized buffs. Combine this with the other Evasion changes in other nodes, and it makes defensive builds on Phasing and Evasion much better.


This class got a major overhaul as well, removing some options, but adding new ones. Mastermind of Discord and other new nodes that give weaker but more general buffs to various elemental damage types. The new Exposure mechanic makes it much easier to handle figuring out what your build can and can’t do. Golem builds have lost a bit of potency thanks to the loss of Ele immunity though. So spellcaster builds are the way to go this league. This means ignite and other DoTs will be very powerful.


Headsman getting a bit of a power boost this patch is nice but only really for DoTs. There’s a little less utility to be found when fighting bosses, as the Culling mechanic relies on adds to work well. This will combine with other nodes as Impact and Overwhelm got boosted. The major nerf for this class is the reductions in Attack Speed and Damage to Brutal Fervour. But if you can get the Bleeds going hard enough, the 20% cull can help on some boss fights.

Minor Buffs and Winners

These builds and Path of Exile 3.13 Ascendancy choices got some buffs, but not enough to be life-changing.


This class has been given a huge defensive buff. But overall, it’s probably the weakest of the big three “winners” this patch. It did lose some bleed DoT damage though, making Physical builds less viable on the nodes that are there.


Nerfs to Undeniable in some ways harm it, and other ways focus the build. The gains from stat bonuses are now much more geared to just landing hits. There were also some targeted nerfs to Endurance Charges in some nodes. Overall, the changes look to put Jugg in about the same place as last league, assuming builds are tweaked to the new changes. The loss of crit buffs will hurt some though.


Tasalio, Cleansing Water being gone is going to hurt Righteous Fire builds a lot. Tukohama, War’s Herald getting a minor buff as well is nice.


Hierophant is doing well this league for some builds. Power Charges get a numerical buff, but don’t deal as much damage now, so it’s a trade. Illuminated Devotion getting nerfed, as well as a loss of Mana, makes MoM builds hurt a bit. Ritual of Awakening is another change that focuses the Hierophant to more spellcaster-oriented roles in POE 3.13.


A general buff to the basic numbers here. A power increase that’s slight but noticeable, making Attack Speed and Life Leech more powerful. The effects here are noticeable but not OP.


Unwavering Crusade changes mean that it’s support build time for the Guardian. Harmony of Purpose gives a bit of a buff to balance things out. Time of Need getting a moderate tweak actually makes it pretty interesting for Aura builds this league as well. Overall, it’s a pretty solid choice for most builds that was the same to last league.


Profane Bloom got a buff, as did other nodes like Vile Bastion, powering up minions. Malediction and all other Chaos DoT nodes got nerfed though in terms of a multiplier. This was a pretty targeted change to certain Chaos builds, but powered up Minions at least. Other Chaos builds relying on flat Chaos damage will be better off though, so it’s basically a buff.


The placement of Mirage Archers has changed, leading to some confusion. With a focus on more unique mechanics like Rupture and Gale Force, it’s a very big rework. Focal Point and Endless Munitions have been nerfed to focus their attacks to certain builds, removing general stat bonuses. Global Accuracy Rating and Attack Speed being removed might hurt, but it’s being balanced out by additions that improve Chaining and boosts to Mark effects.


Pathfinder got a pretty big nerf to Chaos Damage DPS, but some changes like Veteran Bowyer help balance it out. Nature’s Reprisal also kind of helps make up the ground loss for raw Chaos damage a bit. Master Surgeon can be really interesting for defensive buffs with that flat life gain, although it may be a bit wonky for some builds.


Saboteur got a pretty major buff to Traps, with nodes like Perfect Crime and Born in the Shadows working really well here. Pyromaniac is also a very good pickup for Trap builds. Other builds might find that some nodes are a bit less useful. Mines are OK as well, but not as big a buff.

Nerfs and Losers


Golems and other Summoners did take some hits in 3.13 with other classes as well. But generally, Necromancer got a pretty obvious nerf overall.


Poison damage and Elusive Effect nerfs hurt. Opportunistic changes also hurt a lot, as the loss in speed and DPS reduction are a big nerf.


Trickster is really about the same to where it was last league. Ghost Dance and Weave the Arcane got altered, generally a bit of a buff defensively for Weave. Ghost Dance is very rough though. Other nodes such as Escape Artist reinforce the moderate nerf. Patient Reaper and Harness the Void got some slight tweaks. Really, Trickster isn’t too bad off.


Support and Totem Champions have been buffed a bit. Taunt and Fortify reworks are a mixed bag. The trade-off is a big loss of Attack Damage, which will hurt for some. But if you’re making up for it with some of the reworked nodes, these builds aren’t too bad. The real nerfs hit when thinking about other mechanics like Impale, as well as some other nerfs to raw stats. Unless you’re playing a certain build, Champion is rough this league if you’re using Impale. Other options should be OK though.


Inquisitor is a build that’s a very strange one this league. The Fanatic Charges nodes are a nice addition, hard to say how those will shake out though. Instruments of Virtue has been altered to focus on constant casting, rather than flat buffs. A nerf sure, but a targeted one that alters the way the build plays. Consecrated Ground got a slight nerf here as well with other nodes. Support skills and other ally-based builds might find some good things scattered throughout the nodes.

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