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PlayStation Plus June 2019 Free Games Revealed

PlayStation Plus June 2019 Free Games Revealed

The free games coming to Playstation Plus members in June 2019 have been revealed. The two big additions this month are some pretty varied, but still popular, choices. Let’s jump in.

The Handsome Collection, which consists of Borderlands 2Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and all of the DLC for both games. This alone is a wonderful addition for fans looking to jump back into the loot shooter arena ahead of the impending launch of Borderlands 3. So if that’s you, why not hop on PSN and grab it while you can.

The second collection coming in hot is Sonic Mania. This is the 2017 rehash of the iconic platformer which fans really seemed to love. Sonic Mania was originally released in August 2017 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Since that release, fans have consistently fell in love with the return to the side-scrolling platforming gameplay of the days that made Sonic famous.

You can see a trailer from Sony showcasing these new additions to the freebies down below.

The Playstation Plus service has been slowly improving since it’s launch alongside the Playstation Network back in the early days of the Playstation brand. Playstation Plus unlocks a wide array of special features such as automatic updates, access to betas for new games, expanded multiplayer and social features, and so much more. The free games addition began as a way of enticing some of the more than 90 million active Playstation Network users to fork over extra dough for free games and other cool features, and it seems to have worked pretty well.

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And even though some offerings were less well-received than others, the total volume of games that can be accessed is pretty staggering. Members can keep all games in the collection as long as they are a member of PlayStation Plus, and with more than $1,300 in total value of games offered, there’s plenty of reason to keep the rolling system of free games going.

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