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PlayStation Classic prices are dropping already

PlayStation Classic Mini-Console

As more and more gamers get their hands on the latest classic retro console offering, the Playstation Classic, word of mouth seems to taking hold, and making it hard for some retailers to shift their stocks of the units.

Gamers report being unimpressed by nearly every important aspect of the device. The game selection, while appealing to fans of certain genres, is notably missing many iconic characters. Although this can easily be explained by Sony wanting to leverage the likes of Spyro and Crash in other games, the absence of their games and many more has been a sticking point for many. The lack of UI, controller, video or emulation options has also perplexed many fans, especially those familiar with emulation on other setups. Overall, the Playstation Classic just comes in at a worse alternative to the likes of a custom RetroPie or other emulation setup. And while Playstation Classic is cheaper, it just doesn’t have the wow factor it needs, and sales seem to reflect this.

Just a few weeks after launch of the unit, some retailers are already hacking the price down to just $59.99 apiece. Some speculators are convinced that the price will drop further as well. And with the holiday buying spree now over, 2019 looks pretty bleak for the new console iteration. And given that it’s only been about 3 weeks since the console launched, it’s pretty safe to say that Sony have learned their lesson and won’t put such a mediocre effort into the market again, at least that’s the hope.

If you haven’t heard of this strange little bit of nostalgia fuel, I’m kind of surprised, because it’s been everywhere. But there are some caveats. For one thing, many of the versions of the games on the platform, which you can’t really tweak by the way, are inferior PAL ports. And Sony has no plans to add more games in the future, so the 20 games it comes with are all you’re going to get.

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If for some reason you think $59.99 is enough to justify picking this up, you can head over to Amazon and do that right now.

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