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Path of Exile reveals new skill coming in Delve League

Path of Exile Delve League

Grinding Gear Games has put out a teaser for new skills and reworks coming in patch 3.4 for Path of Exile.

The focus of the new update, which can be seen in full over here, is that the game is getting a new skill called “Herald of Purity”. Like other Herald skills in POE, this one buffs a particular damage type, in this case Physical Damage, and has an “On Kill” effect that the skill triggers when a mob is killed.

The big change with this new buff is that it’s “On Kill” effect is completely overpowered compared to the other Herald effects in Path of Exile. This new ability allows a ton of new meta-game potential for POE players to theorycraft around. But it’s not just a new Herald skill keyed to Physical Damage that GGG teased with this update either.

There was also a hint that the New Zealand developer would be reworking Minion-based passive skills on the skill tree. This is one of the areas that players get really excited about, as Minion skills have been kind of weak on their own. It’s still possible to craft some really strong POE builds around minions, but it’s easier to do a good character with other archetypes. So it will be interesting to see what effect this change has on the meta-game.

There’s even more QoL changes coming Path of Exile 3.4 as well. Loot filters are getting some significant upgrades with the patch. Item drops can now be set to show up on the mini-map, in addition, loot filters can have custom light rays set for certain item classes. This means players will never miss an Exalted Orb drop ever again. Pretty cool, although it means there’s another layer of effort to updating loot filters now.

If you’re a new POE player, consider checking out our guides on the game so you can learn the ropes of Wraeclast.

Check out the Herald of Purity skill teaser down below. Path of Exile is a free-to-play Action RPG with a unique leveling and skill system. It’s currently wrapping up development on the 3.4 patch, which is due at the end of the month. The big new feature for this expansion is the endless dungeon, the Delve.

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