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Path of Exile Announces New Abyss Challenge League for 3.1


Grinding Gear Games have released the next batch of details for Path of Exile’s 3.1 patch. First and foremost, the newest Challenge League to follow the Harbinger League will be called the Abyss League. This most recent announcement comes about a week after the first trailer for POE 3.1 “War for The Atlas” .

Released alongside Path of Exile’s seventh major expansion, War for the Atlas, the Abyss Challenge League augments both existing and new content with challenging encounters and new rewards. Challenge leagues have self-contained economies and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy a fresh start and chance to demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile. As usual, there are Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations of this league.

Before Solaris graced Wraeclast, a race of repulsive beings, fearful of light, populated the gloomy wastes. They were thought to be long dead, with few traces and no mentions in historical accounts. That is, until the earth itself was torn asunder.

For aeons, in the deepest, blackest reaches, they have festered and multiplied. Now, they’re clawing their way back to the surface in unprecedented numbers; a hateful swarm of hungering horrors hellbent on reclaiming Wraeclast. Push them back, or be swallowed by the abyss.

These new Abyss spawns will pose a similar challenge to Harbingers. or at least it looks that way. Players will have to fight through waves of abyssal horrors on their way to the Abyssal Depths, the new area added by this League. There are new Abyss Jewels and Abyss Armor to go along with these new challenges, so players will have every reason to head into the dark places where light has no purchase.

The new Abyss League goes live on December 8, 2017.

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