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Path of Exile adding instant casting in patch 3.4

Path of Exile Delve League

That title might be confusing to those of you who have never played Path of Exile before, so let me explain. Previously in Path of Exile, all skills had a minimum cast time, and even if the cast time was modified to be zero, the skill would still interrupt certain skills and other actions. This meant that prior to the new changes, you had to stop what you were doing to say detonate a mine or cast an aura.

In a forum announcement today, GGG said that they’re working on making certain types of skills instant cast. Post-3.4, detonating mines, all of the auras, heralds, self-targeting skills like Righteous Fire, Molten Shell and others are all being given an instant cast time. Grinding Gear Games also released a quick teaser showing the instant cast skills in action, which you can find below.

This kind of QoL change is one of the little things that’s sure to delight many a player. After all, POE players prize one thing, efficiency, so being able to cast quickly while moving for certain skills will save a lot of prep time while mapping.

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In other Delve League news, you should check out what Delve League actually is, in case you’re really confused. The short answer is that POE is getting a totally revamped end-game system complete with an endless dungeon. The game is also getting changes to various other skills and game systems, here’s a general FAQ if you’re interested.

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