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Path of Exile 3.4 Delve League Starter Builds

Path of Exile Delve League

There’s been a ton of buffs and nerfs to various builds in Path of Exile. So with that in mind, we’ve got a list of some basic build guides that you can use as League Starters in Delve League.

For a general idea of what kinds of changes were made, here’s a quick list of some of the changes for classes and skills:

  • Elemental Hit was nerfed by changes to Avatar of Fire
  • Traps and Mines were nerfed slightly because of changes to trap throwing speed
  • Sunder, Kinetic Blast and a handful of other skills were slightly nerfed
  • Dual-wielding, stat sticks and most totem setups were left untouched

In terms of the meta-game impact, we’ll probably see tons of Poison-based builds, or builds around the Pathfinder and Guardian Ascendancy. There’s also been significant changes to the Passives for Minions. So if you’re into trading, there’s a lot of money-making potential for the Gems, Flasks and Unique items that these builds use.

For those that aren’t in the know, League starter builds in POE are essentially general builds that follow a set theme or attack setup, but don’t require tons of currency or expensive Unique items. These builds won’t be as strong in some cases as more expensive builds, but they can easily carry you to end-game maps reliably.

If you want to learn more about POE 3.4, check out the full patch notes. There’s also rundowns of some of the mapping changes. And be sure to check in on our other build guides for some general ideas as well.

2H Flexible Melee Slayer:

A super flexible build that can use literally any melee skill. If you’re like me and love playing melee builds like Cyclone, run this build to experiment with new skills combos you haven’t tried, all while not sacrificing power.

Blade Flurry/Reave Scion:

A very simple build that was only slightly altered in the  3.4 patch changes. Lots of flexibility in gear choice makes this an easy and cheap build.

Gladiator Reave:

This Reave build has no essential chase uniques. You could kill Shaper conveniently on a 2 EX budget, but you can also massively strengthen your gear to insane levels of DPS to farm Overmodded Guardians or take on Uber Elder.

Blade Vortex Elementalist:

Excellent clear speed without many chase Uniques. This is a build that requires some getting used to in terms of play style, but it melts mob packs.

Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist:

Very similar to the other BV build above, and using much of the same gear. Although this one makes use of new skills like Herald of Purity, as well as a more variety in Passives. If you’re looking for a more AFK friendly Blade Vortex build, the “more relaxed and comfortable to play” version of this is for you.

Ice Crash Scion:

This simple build scales tons of Physical and Elemental Damage with some basic Unique items, only a couple of which are necessary, and are cheap to obtain. Great for rushing to Red Maps.

Skeleton Mancer:

Summoner Builds got a lot of new Passives and some major buffs in Delve League.  This build scales really well into end-game with high HP and tons of skeletons to soak up enemy DPS. This is one of the better basic Skeleton builds out there.

SRS Summoner:

Summoner Builds got a lot of new Passives and some major buffs in Delve League. SRS builds are great at ripping through mob packs. And since minions and totems will be immune to the Darkness effect in Delves, these are a great choice for escorting the Crawler.

Burning Spectres Necromancer (Summoner):

This powerful Summoner build is more suited to experienced players, but it’s very quick to gear and is great for map clearing. In the Delves, Summoner will be a pretty strong base as well.

Warchief Berserker:

Totem builds remain largely the same in this patch, and they’re always really fun to play. Just keep moving and dropping totems and you’ll do fine. They even have good boss-killing potential thanks to the way they screw with boss agro.

Lightning Trap Saboteur:

This build has insane Evasion and Mana, making it a great build for those who just want to start killing and not have to worry about defenses or sustaining their skills. An incredibly fun build to play too.

Frostbolt Hierophant:

Totem-based attack builds like this have been around forever, and they remain a stalwart choice for both new and veteran POE players. And though this build won’t sustain into top-end content like Shaper or Elder and Guardians, it’s perfectly fine for getting started on Red maps before transitioning to another build.

Bladefall Scion:

Another Totem build with semi-cheap gear that has lots of defenses. Scion has lots of potential and uses a pair of cheaper Unique Wands to scale tons of Totem DPS and Charge generation. Very safe to play.

Glacial Cascade Totem Hierophant:

Hierophant got buffed last league, and it continues to be strong in Delve. It’s a strong build with a lot of defenses so it’s very safe. Newer players will probably find this to be a very comfortable build in Delve due to Totem Darkness immunity as well.

Rainbow Trapper Scion:

This is one of the top-tier Trap builds in POE right now. And even though it has some tougher gear requirements, it pays off that effort with insane clearspeed and boss-killing potential. This is my league starter for that reason.

HC Caustic Arrow Trickster:

This Hardcore-focused build has 7K Life and lots of Dodge and Evasion so it’s a defensive beast. The Caustic Arrow Skill is very much in-meta for Delve, so if you’re a HC player looking for a safer build to test out new skills, this may be for you.

HC Dominating Blow Guardian:

An equally tanky HC build to the previous build. It has decent DPS, even on a 5-Link, so it should be easier to scale DPS into end-game with this build. Ice Crash is also a really fun skill if you’re too used to the standard melee builds and want something slightly different.

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