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Path of Exile 3.3 Patch Notes are live

Path of Exile Incursion League

The 3.3.0 Path of Exile patch, and the associated Incursion League, come out tomorrow. So that means it’s time to start reading through the patch notes. Be warned, these are super long and detailed, mostly because of the dozens of changes to individual skills and interactions in POE’s 3.3 patch.

The notes also include a full rundown on the many, many skill changes for balance, including the overall philosophy behind trap changes and the many new gems added with the patch. This is stuff that EVERY veteran player should be reading in order to fully understand what changed in this great ARPG.

But it’s not just skill changes included in this patch either. Dozens of unique items have been given unique 3D art, various map areas and unique map layouts have been adjusted, and dozens of new Labyrinth enchantments have been added for the new skills in 3.3.

Speaking of the Labyrinth, maps can now have multiple sub-areas. So one map can potentially contain both a Lab Trial and a Master Mission, for example.

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Seriously, these patch notes are nuts.

Read the full 3.3 Patch Notes here.

You can see a handy list of all the changed Skill Gems, including Vaal skills, laid out for skills at level 20 with max quality.

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