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Paradox Interactive reveals new project Surviving the Aftermath

Following a pretty packed release schedule, which included titles like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, a lot of fans have been left wondering what was next for Paradox Interactive. But wonder no more PC gamers, as the company has announced their newest game. is titled Surviving the Aftermath.

We don’t know much about this new game as of yet, although there are a few things we can glean. Paradox and Haemimont Games are teaming up once again to produce this new title as a direct sequel to their previous collaborative effort, Surviving Mars. The game will take the formula of the original space colony simulation and expand upon it, pushing the narrative into a much more apocalyptic direction. Paradox hasn’t revealed much yet, but the post-apocalyptic setting does appear to evoke a “what if?” feeling based around the idea that Mars colonization goes horribly wrong. And it’s a pretty appealing prospect, and one that sim games of this type rarely explore too deeply. Sure, the original game in the franchise had negative events and some political commentary, but it seems as though the aim this time is to jump all the way into bad news territory.

And while we’re unlikely to see levels of pure insanity like a rebellion of organ-harvesting cyborgs like we would in similar titles like Rimworld, it will be very interesting to see what Paradox and Haemimont Games can come up with.

Paradox has been churning out these games with a pretty solid pace, offering a wide array of gameplay experiences, with this new title seemingly being a followup to the formula the company helped establish with space management sim, Surviving Mars. And speaking of Surviving Mars, did you know that game is coming to the Epic Games Store? The space city-build will jump to the PC storefront on October 10th, bringing yet another free game to Epic’s Free Games program. The title will release there and also include its Space Race DLC. There is one downside to getting some free strategy fun though, as you must claim it before October 17th before it jumps back up to its normal $30 price.

Surviving the Aftermath doesn’t have a firm release date yet, although it’s currently planned to drop in a “Late 2020” release window, aiming to release on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. It will also see a console release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can check it out in the teaser trailer that was just released down below.

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