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Overwatch is about to begin it’s annual Halloween event

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018

Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror is about to begin, bringing with it the typical themed skins, maps an other goodies. The event will run all month throughout October, beginning on October 9 and wrapping up on October 31.

Halloween Terror centers on a special storyline that features custom versions of a variety of Overwatch heroes. The following heroes will feature this year, along with their event theme: The Alchemist (Ana), the Gunslinger (McCree), the Archer (Hanzo), and the Soldier (76) made up the first wave. The Countess (Widowmaker), the Swordsman (Genji), the Monk (Zenyatta) and the Viking (Torbjorn).

That story focuses on the hamlet of Aldersbrunn, a modified Eichenwalde, where Reinhardt petitions our heroes to fight off the forces of the Witch of the Wilds and Dr. Junkenstein in a variety of in-game challenges.These brawls take place in the new co-op Junkenstein’s Revenge PvE mode which limits players to certain heroes. The game ends if all four of your heroes die, and it’s a wave-based horde brawl that gets progressively harder as it goes on.

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And of course, there’s the requisite themed skins, including new Legendary versions.

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