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Overwatch Contenders League expands OWL ahead of patch 1.20

The up-and-comer league for the Overwatch League, or the OWL, is being expanded ahead of the next season for Esports with Blizzard’s popular FPS.

Contenders now operates in Europe, North America, South Korea, China, the Pacific region, Australia, and South America. Teams are brought in either through direct invitation or by purchasing a slot from an invited organization.  You can find the full team list and rosters on the Contender League website.

  • Bazooka Puppies
  • Eagle Gaming
  • Team Gigantti
  • British Hurricane
  • Mosaic Esports
  • Team Singularity

The league will have 12 teams across each of the seven regions competing in three regular seasons each year followed by regional playoffs. The combined prize pool for 2018 totals over $3.2 million. All of that prize money and the attempts to attract more lucrative investors and advertisers, despite a massive increase in team starting fees from Blizzard, paint fairly rosy picture for the future of the OWL. Overwatch Contenders League begins on March 11.

It isn’t just a new League expansion that has people paying attention to Overwatch this week. Pros and casual players alike are hyping up for the next update, version 1.20, which will buff multiple characters.

Doomfist, Mercy, Mei and more are all being examined by the developers for possible balance changes. We know that Sombra is having her EMP adjusted and the Translocator is getting a buff in duration. Check out the video below for an overview of the changes for this cycle:

What do you think of the new changes? What about the new teams?

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