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Omen of Sorrow, a PS4 monster fighting game, launched

Omen of Sorrow Release Trailer

AOne games have launched their new arcade-style fighter, Omen of Sorrow.

Omen of Sorrow takes classic characters with mythical and horror-based origins, and throws them into a 2D arena to duke it out. And just because it’s not a huge release, don’t expect AOne games to skimp on the content. There’s at least a dozen different fighters, each one plucked from mythology and legends, so expect to see characters like Dr. Jekyll-less Dr. Hyde, the Frankenstein-like Adam, the vampiric Vladislav III and some more.

The visuals are quite interesting, adding a fair bit of depth to the fighting game.  The four-button fighter includes a variety of game modes too. In addition to the typical 2-player versus, there’s full online play and a story-driven campaign.

The trailer also reveals two new characters we haven’t seen before, the headless horseman Arctorious and the invisible queen Thalessa.

Omen of Sorrow is available now on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Check out the launch trailer down below.

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