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Nulli Secunda and it’s success post-Phoebe, and a failure in Feythabolis


As N3 alliance Nulli Secunda was busy helping N3 expand it’s holdings in other regions, it’s CSAA’s in DB1R-4 and ZS-2LT were attacked by a combined force of CFC pilots on October 31st.

Another strike in the system of DB1R-4 on November 2nd was spearheaded by soviet-Union and others.

With the loss of 3 CSAA’s Nulli has comparatively lost little against what it’s gained in successes in the last week.  As nothing was in build at the time of the destruction of these modules, there was only the loss of a few billion ISK to compensate for.

As most of Nulli’s defensive fleets were either engaging CFC in northern areas of New Eden at the time along with Black Legion and Gentleman’s Club, or were moving assets in preparation for the move to Impass, the most S2N could muster was a fleet of Archons, 20 in number to be exact.  And as the CFC Ishtar fleet was able to overwhelm reps on the tower and even bring down one Archon, S2N seems to have the decision of no longer defending the CSAA’s or their POS’.

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AS the CFC and anti-CFC forces settle after the hubbub of Phoebe, it still remains to be seen exactly what New Eden will look like.  Although my instincts tell me that as N3 moves southward, the shift in power will create a few new faces in the SOV game.

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