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Northgard: Conquest releases massive new expansion

Northgard: Conquest Expansion Launched

Northgard: Conquest is quite a strange game, and it just got even weirder. The RTS title takes the typical elements of the genre and smashes them together with some rather quirky and interesting themes, creating one heck of a fun game in the process. The strategy title pushes a lot of gameplay elements already, with tons of maps to duke it out on, and tons of units to take into battle. The players can pick a map and a faction, and take their armies to war, clashing in a rather bloody way. There’s even a campaign mode in addition to dueling against the AI and other players.

This week has seen the release of a major new patch from the developer  Said campaign and other modes are a big focus for that newest patch. The update will also include some new units like Ice Giants and Undead Wyverns, capable of turning the tide in battle rather quickly. The campaign mode is being expanded with a bunch of in-game events that add some spice to the mix by adding more themes and immersion to the story setup. All in all, the game’s newest update is being billed as having more than 100 hours of content. Try and beat that, other RTS game patches.

Take a gander at the blood-soaked combat in the trailer down below. More information about Northgard can be found on the official website. We also dropped the release notes for this update below said trailer.

Hey everyone!
We’re really proud to finally present you the third major free update, and the biggest one yet: Northgard Conquest.
Northgard Conquest is a standalone game-mode that can be played solo or co-op, with a succession of various challenges offering a gaming expansion of +100 hours. The difficulty of the co-op mode will be based on strong collaboration between players.
Forget the lore, choose your clan and let’s fight!

Northgard Conquest offers you the possibility to choose your own experience when facing the harsh challenges of Northgard Conquest.

If you want to challenge yourself and personalise your Clan with unique bonuses whilst counting on your own skills and decisions, then choose the Northgard Conquest solo-mode, defeat the other clans and claim the Throne.
Believe in your strengths, establish the best strategy, exploit resources in an optimal way and build the most formidable clans to endure Northgard’s relentless hostility!

Another addition is the ability to share your adventure and overcome the harsh obstacles with the power of collaboration in the new Northgard Conquest co-op mode.
Northgard Conquest encourages teams to experiment and discover every combo available in this game-mode! But beware, Northgard Conquest is a cunning opponent! Having two in a team means double power, double bonuses and of course, double the problems! But nothing is impossible for fearless vikings.
Plan a global strategy, divide the tasks, collaborate, and master the continent together!

Northgard Conquest introduces a brand new way to present and organize all the different challenges Northgard Conquest offers: The Conquest Map.
The Conquest Map is formed by several challenges, 3 of which are specific to each Clan (and adapted to their specialties) which remain constant. The other challenges are pulled from a random pool of challenges, which means that if you restart a Conquest with the same Clan, you will get a different map with different challenges!

As soon as you succeed in one of the 3 specific challenges, several different paths are unlocked and the choice of which path you take is up to you.
Conquest challenges are completely independent between themselves and will challenge you with various specific victory conditions and rules for each challenges. Here’s some examples:
Victory condition:
Kill 3 Wyvernes
Special rules:
Lots of Wyvernes are spotted, it’s time for a hunt!
Town Halls are already protected by updgraded Watch Towers.

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