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EA will not put microtransactions in a Command&Conquer remaster

EA Announces Command and Conquer Remaster

Electronic Arts producer Jim Vessella had a tiny bit of good news for gamers this past week while answering questions in a Reddit thread.

The topic of the thread was all about plans for an upcoming Command and Conquer remaster. The thread itself is very simple and doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming Command and Conquer remaster that the company is working on. Although that’s probably because the game is still very much in the early in the planning stages, there were some important questions that fans and gamers are happy to have an answer to.

One Redditor asked whether EA planned to implement any kind of loot boxes or other microtransactions as part of the remaster. Vessella had a very clear answer that has some breathing a sigh of relief. “We will not be adding any microtransactions to a C&C Remaster.”

Other questions raised throughout the thread brought up some other great points and concerns fan have about the remaster. Some fans simply wanted a faithful recreation of the older games, with modern UI and controls. Some wanted a much more unique title that focused on telling the same story from previous titles in an entirely new presentation.

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Vessella also had some questions for gamers. He asked for feedback about whether or not the game should be balanced towards eSports in terms of competitiveness or not. “Should the balance stay the same as the classic versions, or should we rebalance it to make them more appropriate?”

Whatever your opinion on EA, you’re probably excited about this potential remaster if you’re and RTS fan. We’ll be in for the long-haul though as the wait for release is likely to be a few years with this title.

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