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No Man’s Sky Update Continues What Foundation Started


No Man’s Sky looks set to receive a new update soon, after the developer branch of the Steam version of the game was updated earlier today.

The controversial space exploration title received an extensive update in December in the form of the 1.1 Foundation Update, which added a variety of game modes – including creative and survival – in addition to base-building, farming, a photo mode and the ability to purchase storage freighters.

The Foundation update also added more varied environs and a slew of quality of life improvements. The terrain is less brown and bland. And that it just the surface-level changes. The base building and basic additions to industry and trading laid the groundwork for great things to come.

The Foundation Update was followed up with a couple of bug fixes last month, and it remains unclear as to whether or not the updated internal version of the game currently being tested is simply another minor patch or something much more substantive.

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