No Man’s Sky Companions – Customization and Accessories Guide

How to adopt a creature in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Companions is the latest expansion for Hello Games’ massive space adventure. This expansion pulls the focus away from trading and exploration, and toward the animals of the many planets in the game’s galaxy. As you adventure around the various planets, you can encounter and tame various lifeforms that you find. By breeding them together and engaging in a new gene sequencing mechanic, you can alter their stats and personality.

You can tame and breed these new beasts to make them much more interesting. Players have begun finding the weirdest ways to make use of this system. For example, one player has bred a 10 meter tall dragon and set it to have 100% aggression. And did I mention that> You can easily alter the personality of your pets. And because No Man’s Sky is all about the strange technology, you can kit your new pals out in various bits and gadgets.

Most of these items seem to serve no direct purpose. The abilities that the functional ones do have are also limited. You can’t seem to control the lasers, for example, meaning that they’re fairly useless in heavy combat.

No Man’s Sky Companions – Accessories Explained

Here are each of the 19 accessories found in No Man’s Sky Companions. The vast majority seem to be cosmetic though, so don’t expect too much. We will try to update this list as time goes on and add new or altered items as they are figure out.

  • Cargo Drum – Cosmetic item
  • Mini-Packs – Cosmetic item
  • Armor – Unknown
  • Solar Battery – Cosmetic item
  • Canteen – Cosmetic item
  • Square Plating – Cosmetic item
  • Atmosphere Sampler – Unknown
  • Cargo Pack – Cosmetic item
  • Satellite– Unknown
  • Vitals Monitor – Displays the current health of your companion
  • Phial – Cosmetic item
  • Bio Canister – Unknown
  • Square Laser – Allows the pet to mine nearby resource nodes, cannot be controlled by the player
  • Torch – A basic light source for your pets
  • Tapered Plating – Cosmetic item
  • Support System – Unknown
  • Movement Tracker – Highlights nearby animals within short range
  • Energy Coil – Unknown
  • Rounded Laser – Allows the pet to mine nearby resource nodes, cannot be controlled by the player
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