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No Man’s Sky Beyond update has a release date

No Man's Sky Beyond Release Date

No Man’s Sky has been on quite the journey since it’s incredibly rocky and controversial launch. The developer managed to vastly improve things with a variety of post-launch content, a major component of which was the Next update. That patch brought a ton of new gameplay elements by expanding mission types, crafting options and other aspects of No Man’s Sky.

Some other updates also added underwater missions and some spooky content. A later update also introduced a global mapping system called the Galactic Atlas. All in all, No Man’s Sky has been doing a pretty good job rebounding for its poor initial reception. And with the newest patch coming out this month, things look to be getting even better.

And as part of the launch, Hello Games will also be implementing a variety of new features. With this update, players will finally be able to experience the game in VR, as PS VR support is due. Sean Murray said on the topic, “virtual reality feels like a little science fiction become real, and has always seemed like a perfect fit for this futuristic game of ours.”

But the big new draw is that Hello Games is adding an entirely new layer to the space sim in Beyond, one that’s free, and the radically transforms the multiplayer gameplay. Incoming are new social elements to the game, vastly overhauling the entire experience, primarily by pushing multiplayer to the forefront. Details are still a little sparse, but expect new missions, factions and other content to be packed into the free update.

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Check out the trailer for the update down below. The new patch will be made available to players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on August 14.

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