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Nintendo now selling standalone Switch OLED dock

New OLED Switch Confirmed

The Switch OLED was released earlier this year in October 2021, and it found immediate sales. Not only did the new OLED screen offer a bit more visual clarity and battery life improvements, but it looks pretty sleek.  The console also included minor improvements on the sticks. “The analog sticks in the Joy-Con controllers included with Nintendo Switch – OLED Model are the latest version with all the improvements,” said an interview during the launch of the console.

And alongside all of that, the new dock was quite striking. The standalone Switch OLED dock is useful for those new Switch owners who want to move their console around their homes. And if you wanted something with that pretty white color on it, the Switch OLED dock might be for you. And yes, you can use the older consoles with the new dock—as the two console variants use the same dock.

Nintendo has both white and black variants of the Switch OLED docks available for purchase right now on its website. The big downside is that it is just the dock. So you will also need to have a spare power adapter and HDMI cord to make it work.

The biggest improvement over the original dock is the wired LAN port. For those of you with WiFi issues, this may be the solution you need. To use the original Nintendo Switch console with the wired LAN port, a system update may be needed. But if you want that, you can drop the $60 and get a more permanent wired LAN solution. Nintendo does sell a wired LAN adapter for about $30, so the option you choose is up to you.

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