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Nintendo increases Super Mario Maker 2 course limit to 100

Super Mario Maker 2 Announced

Super Mario Maker 2 has been a major success for Nintendo. The Switch-based sequel has seen a huge number of players hopping back into classic Mario, but in a whole new way. The core idea of the game is that users from all over the globe can use all of the assets from within the Mario universe to create levels in the classic sidescroller style. The courses can be modeled after the game style found in either Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario WorldNew Super Mario Bros. U, or Super Mario 3D World. This allowed for huge amounts of creativity, and users have shared literally millions of course online. And to celebrate, Nintendo is opening the floodgates even more.

Nintendo made the change after more than 10 million courses were shared by players on the level editor suite. This is a huge milestone, as that means players have created millions of unique levels that anyone can play. Some of these are some of the best levels you will ever play in a Mario title. A big part of the success of this idea of user-generated gameplay is the huge volume of assets at the disposal of players. All the classic assets from the days of the NES are here. But Super Mario Maker 2 has so much more to offer. The newer Wii/Wii U and Switch titles have also had assets plugged into Super Mario Maker 2. All the enemy types, blocks, traps and level layouts can be used in some quite clever ways. There’s an infinite amount of replayability here. It’s the perfect pickup for any new Switch users looking for fun and challenges.

Nintendo has also been expanding Super Mario Maker 2 in other ways. Nintendo has worked in other content via DLC updates. There’s even some easter eggs, like including the Master Sword from the Zelda titles as an unlockable secret asset.

This increase in capacity will allow millions of Mario fans to share even more of their creativity with the world. The incredibly inventive community surrounding both the original game and the sequel have done some surprising things. From exceedingly difficult trial levels, to weird experimentation, it’s all here. Some creators even managed crazy things like creating turn-based RPG battle systems and other mini-games.

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