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Niantic announces Seedot Community Day

Seedot is Pokémon Go’s Community Day Pokémon for May 2020

The next Community Day in Pokémon Go is coming soon, bringing a new spotlight from the Hoenn region for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Niantic has announced that Seedot is the new spotlight Pokémon for this next Community Day event.

Seedot Community Day will begin on May 24 at 11:00am and will run to 5:00pm in your local times. Seedot Community Day will see much more spawns for the particular Pokémon. And yes, the new Pokémon spotlighted will have higher chances of spawning as a Shiny variant. There may also be higher CP spawns too.

Players who train up and evolve the base form into the new Shiftry will actually get a pretty nice bonus to both is base stats and its move set. Shiftry will know Bullet Seed if evolved during the event. With the higher frequency of Seedot spawning everywhere, you have a higher chance of obtaining a high-quality version of the Pokémon. You do have a bit of a special two-hour window after the event wraps at 5:00pm to get this special variant.

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Shifty is a Grass and Dark-type Pokémon. It has a max 2,333, an attack of 200, a defense of 121, and stamina of 207. It’s not especially tanky and it has a very large number of type weaknesses that make it pretty hard to use anywhere past the basic PvP of the Great League.

So while you have some time to wait, if you’re a fan of Grass-types, this will be a good event for you. Players can also expect special Research Tasks and other minor elements in the new event as well.

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