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Next Dead by Daylight Chapter teased

Dead by Daylight Teases new DLC

Behaviour Interactive’s gruesome co-op multiplayer game Dead by Daylight is getting an update soon. The short cinematic trailer shows a young woman sitting in front of a campfire in the woods. She’s casually playing an acoustic guitar, slowly working out a slow and ominous melody, which is rather fitting for the tone of the game. The camera slowly pans in, then there’s a crash, and she turns to look behind her.

Said new update contains a variety of new features and characters that players can terrorize each other with. There are hints and rumors that this tease features a new killer and a new map, but those details aren’t confirmed. We’ll find out exactly what this new DLC Chapter contains next month when it goes live.

Some gamers suspect that this teaser is a tie-in with the the killer teased at PAX, who appears to be some kind of psychotic ringmaster of a circus from hell.

In case you want to try out Dead by Daylight, it’s available to play for free over the Steam Spring Cleaning Event which is now live. Check out the teaser trailer for this new bit of kit below.

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