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New Tekken 7 DLC fighters, Ganryu and Fahkumram, revealed

Armor King, Craig Marduk, and Julia announced for Tekken 7

Bandai Namco has just announced two new DLC additions coming to Tekken 7. Each of these new fighters joins the already massive cast of the fighting game sequel as DLC packs. Each pack will be included in the Season Pass as well. In total, Bandai Namco has revealed three new fighters headed for the game as part of the third season of post-launch content.

Players will be able to take an old favorite back into the ring in season three. That’s because the flamboyant but powerful Ganryu makes his return to the fighting game this month. The sumo wrestler has notably changed a lot over the years since his debut in the original game. His other iterations in later sequels are also different, he’s very much going for style in Tekken 7.

Then there’s the martial arts master Leroy Smith, the Wing Chun fighter brings style and substance to Tekken 7. He was first announced during EVO 2019 back in August, and we’re finally getting him just before the holidays. His fast and effective style of fighting is very much in-your-face, so be warned.

Both of these characters will be available for play in Tekken 7 starting on December 10th.

The last piece of DLC will come as one more new character comes to the roster. The absolutely huge Muay Thai champion Fahkumram is about to join the fight, and his menacing pose implies that he’s going to pack a pretty hefty punch. All of this content is available via the latest Tekken 7 Season Pass.

But aside from new fighters, Bandai Namco has other elements in store for players. Full frame data display is coming to Tekken 7. This feature is common in fighting games, and is useful for high level players. A big component of the competitive scene around any fighting game is understanding what’s known as frame data, or the individual frames, order and speed that comprise each move or input. This element is a huge part of how game balance works in these games, as frame data can differ wildly for some characters, even when their moves can look similar.

There are other elements that frame data can help analyze for top-level players as well. The “wake up” or the duration of the delay between frames in a sequence that exists between animation states, is another key element of determing which characters are faster or more useful in certain situations compared to others.

Having all of this in Tekken 7, without any third-party tools, is a huge boon for the scene.

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