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Nintendo is Offering a New Switch Bundle with a Free $35 eShop Download Card

Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed 32 Million Units Sold

Nintendo has announced a new Switch bundle that will go on sale now, one which includes a $35 credit for the eShop on the platform, which is pretty nice of old Ninty. And with lots of cool games out now, and even more on the horizon, now is the best time to jump on the portable console train. There’s some really great games, like Hollow KnightHyper Light DrifterStardew Valley, Undertale, and many others. So why the heck are you not buying a Switch?

With this console bundle, which should run at $299.99 according to MSRP, you get all the base bits including the console and the base station, a JoyCon controller, and of course the eShop code. There’s no games included this time around, but maybe we’ll see more bundled goodies if this outing is particularly successful for Nintendo’s bottom line.

Well, at least the code can allow you to afford one or two digital games of your choice, so it’s very similar to having a free game bundled anyway, so that’s cool.

Of course this isn’t the only bundle treatment the Switch has gotten over the last few years. There was an excellent Diablo 3 bundle a while back. A bunch of new games are coming to the platform too. There’s a port of Spyro coming soon. There’s even a new Yu-Gi-Oh! title coming out as well.

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The new bundle will be available in stores starting on February 15.

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