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New Star Citizen Around the Verse talks armor manufacturing and HUD updates

Around The Verse Armor

Star Citizen inches ever closer to its next release this week, and CIG are on hand to talk fans and backers through more of their current development work, as well as the plans for the future. The armor updates look pretty great and the modularity functions is a nice addition.

The project updates contained within this video showcase some of the ongoing work on interactions between armor and trading UIs, NPC animations and overall polish. We even get some cheeky references to beloved film franchises via an in-game shopkeep.

There’s also a big focus on more peaceful in-game activities that fall under the category of “Science”. So think stuff like scanning celestial objects, researching new industrial applications for existing tech, that kind of thing. There are plans to introduce science mission to Star Citizen as well. So if you’ve ever wanted to live out your Armageddon fantasies as Steve Buscemi, CIG has the ticket.

Check out the new Around the Verse video below.

If you want to see more ATV videos, maybe one about the plans for mining in the game, or maybe you want to learn about how NPCs will function in the Star Citizen universe.

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