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New SKINs released in New Eden Store


CCP have released a slew of new Cruiser Tech II ship skins for purchase. This is the perfect opportunity to enter into our AUR giveaway and you could win some extra AUR to afford that shiny new SKIN. These skins are for Tech II cruiser and Tech II Industrial class hulls and consist of one style for each race:

  • Amarr – Equilibrium of Mankind
  • Caldari – Wiyrkomi Corporation
  • Gallente – Intaki Syndicate
  • Minmatar – Republic Justice Department

These skins are now live in the New Eden store and are available to be applied to your favorite hull today!

Amarr Tech II Cruisers:

Caldari Tech II Cruisers:

Gallente Tech II Cruisers:

Minmatar Tech II Cruisers:

Tech II Industrials:

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