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New Ship Skins for various ships apparently leaked


Caprisunkraftfoods on Reddit has linked a massive list of leaked skins.

I’m particularly partial to the amazing Khanid & Sarum Amarrian ship skins, while some of the other races’ ships are quite lackluster. Take the Aeon skins for example; both of these are things I could see myself getting.

sarum-aeon   khan-aeon 

Now take a look at the Nyx Interbus skin, looking like a terrible mustard accident.


The Hel skin and the Wyvern skin here are in need of something. Hopefully the two skins not on the list will be better for those supercarriers.

wyv-paint   black-hel 

And for the occult enthusiasts, a Blood Raider set.

blood-coerc   br-proph 

Finally a very intimidating Khanid Avatar reflecting a Minmatar space nebula.


Some things that I’m really curious about: How much will these skins cost? How will they be applied to supers? When will they be released?

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