Null Sec Sov Fights

NCdot/Darkeshi v. CFC in LBGI-2


In the system of  LBGI-2, CFC forces squared off with various NC. groups on November 23rd.  This skirmish marks another in the long line of setbacks for the CFC after both NC. and Black Legion began open hostilities in both the northern and southern regions of CFC SOV a few weeks earlier.

CFC alliance Fatal Ascension holds the system, and this fight sparked off after I Hubs were anchored by CFC in the system.  NC. responded by putting the IHub into reinforced mode and the wait for the first shield timer began.  Last night, The timer expired.

The CFC had formed a Tengu fleet in defense and CFC cynoed in 100km from the NCDot fleet, which was already formed around the hub.  After dropping a ping on the Tengus, The NC. forces came in at 0, and the brawl started in earnest.

The fight very quickly turned against the CFC as the superior positioning and coordination of NC. forces began to drop Tengus one after the other.  As more and more fell off grid, a third party arrived in the form of Dark/THOR with various T3.  This quickly wiped more CFC from the field.

Towards the end of the fight, a force of Core/-EH- frigates jumped in and started hitting anything in range.  This confusion caused the CFC to finally issue the call to evac it’s forces from the field and surrender this timer to NC. and it’s allies.

All told, ~67 Billion ISK was destroyed in the fighting, with 75% being lost by CFC.


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