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New NBA 2K19 trailer showcases “The Way Back” career mode

NBA 2K19 The Way Back Career Trailer

The newest trailer for NBA 2K19 has been released, and it’s got a fair bit of meat to it’s bones.

The big focus this time around is on the new Career Mode being built into this iteration of the classic NBA series. The new mode, “A Way Back” is the latest iteration of building more narrative-focused Career Modes into sports games. And it’s not just a hopefully well-written story framing the actual gameplay, there’s a ton of star cred being thrown at the title. Names like Anthony Mackie (Avengers) Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense), Aldis Hodge (Straight out of Compton), and Michael Rapaport (Atypical) are all lending their talent to the game. Now hopefully they don’t tap Spike Lee to write an absurd story involving skeezy “friends” and ghosts again like the “Livin’ Da Dream” story from NBA 2K16.

The story itself follows a formerly pro baller who is working his way back to the NBA in the USA by blitzing his way through leagues overseas. There’s a lot of drama and internal conflict, so it’s likely to be a deeply emotional story, and I’m actually hopeful that it turns out well.

And in case you want to see it a bit early, you’ll be able to check out the first chapter of The Way Back for free through the NBA 2K19 Prelude. That chance starts at the end of August by the way.

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Check out said latest trailer down below. NBA 2K19 releases on September 11, 2018 for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. You can pre-order now on Amazon.

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