NBA 2K Mobile Codes (January 2023)

All New NBA 2K Mobile Codes

Build your dream NBA team roster in NBA 2K Mobile. Take some of the greatest legends in the sport of basketball and build a championship team from the ground up. Being a typical gacha-heavy mobile game, there’s a lot of crafting and leveling up for characters. Can you rise to the top of the mobile NBA ladder? Let’s find out. NBA 2K Mobile codes can be claimed for many free items for these games, and they’re pretty nice to get. Codes for this game are pretty rare. Each month, the developer only releases a small number of NBA 2K Mobile codes.

Be sure to keep an eye out for codes to come out every other month.  And yes, they only usually come out once a month. So when these promo codes do drop, be sure to grab them while you can.

NBA 2K Mobile Promo Codes (Valid)

Here are the current listing for all the active NBA 2K Mobile codes. You can use these to get various rewards. Sometimes you might get new characters, other times you can get free upgrade materials.

  • WHATITDOBABY—Redeem code for Kawhi Leonard card!

NBA 2K Mobile Promo Codes (invalid)

Here are all the past codes for this mobile game.

  • DAMETIME – Redeem code for Damon Lillard’s card!
  • JRUESUMMER – Redeem code for Jrue’s Summer card!
  • SHOWTIME – Redeem code for Magic Johnson’s card!
  • THEBIGCACTUS – Redeem code for a Shaq’s card!
  • KPPLAYOFFS – Redeem code to get Porzingis’ theme card and 2 event energy chargers!
  • ELGINBAYLOR – Redeem code to get Elgin Baylor’s card! (Expires April 11. Can be redeemed once per account.)
  • CP3PHOENIX – Redeem to get Chris Paul’s card! (Expires Mar. 2. Can be redeemed once per account.)
  • EMERALDKLAY – Redeem to get Klay Thompson’s card! (Expires Jan. 16. Can be redeemed once per account.)
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Now let’s talk about how to get the actual items out of these promos.

How to Redeem Promo Codes in NBA 2K Mobile

Redeeming promo codes in NBA 2k Mobile is very simple, here’s what to do. Open up the main menu and look for the Redeem button, click that.  Just put the valid code in the box that comes up to claim each promo.

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