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The basic combat in Godfall is about getting into the deep crafting tree and offering unique weapon types and abilities for players to make use of. Beyond that, you’re pretty open to using different techniques to take down foes. Players will have access to a bunch of mechanics that makes combat much more challenging than it first appears.

Weapon Techniques are very important

Weapon Techniques is a skill in Godfall. Weapon Techniques allows players to perform unique Weapon Abilities. Each weapon has its own unique attacks, with a variety of effects for each weapon. There are Northern and Souther techniques for each weapon. Some will deal AoE damage, others deal damage in a straight line.

There are bars above your weapon that build up over time, and you can trigger the techniques by using the Right Trigger for the Northern variant. The Left Trigger will activate the Southern version. Here are each of the Weapon Techniques for the five weapon types in the game.

 All Weapon Techniques


Northern Technique

Southern Technique

Dual Blades
Inner Focus: By using inner Focus, players can gain a short duration DPS boost, along with stacking charges that grant bigger bonuses. Mortal Coil: Throw your off-hand blade and pull the enemy towards you. Use it to pull yourself towards your enemies, all without consuming Focus.
Whirlwind: Launch yourself forward and spin your Greatsword to deal AoE damage to a wave of foes. Great Throw: Toss your weapon like a boomerang, dealing damage in its outward and return path.
Spectral Flurry: Massively damage a single enemy with a series of fast combos. Spiral Technique: Slide forward and perform a powerful slash against all Enemies in your path. At the end of the weapon technique, a follow-up attack can be performed to damage nearby Enemies if Timing Attacks are unlocked on the Skill Grid.
Polearm Slam: Slam your weapon into the ground after jumping to launch an AoE attack. Javelin Throw: Throw your Polearm to deal damage and Blind a single target, opening them up for more damage.
Concussive Smash: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to create a massive wave of earth-shattering damage. Unstoppable Force: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to deal damage to Enemies in a straight line.

How to hit enemy weakpoints in Godfall

The combat in this game is very unforgiving. It may be a loot RPG, but Godfall doesn’t make you an immortal god residing atop Mt. Lootlympus. Finding ways to do more damage to your enemy is extremely helpful, especially when dealing with bosses and the like. You will encounter some really tough fights in your time with the game, so knowing how to exploit their flaws is key.

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To use it, you first need to unlock the skill. Put a point into Finesse to unlock the next option, Weakpoints. Having at least 1 point in each skill will have weakpoints show up during combat. The Weakpoints skill also has multiple levels, your build may benefit from extra investment here. Here are the impacts of all five skill points in this skill:

  • Level 1: Hit enemy Weakpoints to deal increased damage and knockdown the enemy
  • Level 2: +10% Weakpoint damage
  • Level 3: Hit a Weakpoint with a Heavy Attack to deal +50% Breach damage
  • Level 4: +15% Weakpoint damage
  • Level 5: Hit a Weakpoint to unleash a shockwave of damage behind the enemy

A weak point shows up at specific times when battling enemies, usually bosses. The weakpoint will usually be a glowing orange spot on their body. The location and duration of the weakpoint can vary, so keep that in mind. When you see one pop up, rush in with your heaviest attacks and start unleashign as many damaging attacks as you safely can.

What is Soul Shatter?

Soul Shatter is a type of damage that you can build up in foes as you deal damage to them. This is similar but distinct from the Breach damage. Both of these damage types are something that offers a nice DPS boost if you can build it up. When you look at an enemy health bar, look for the white glow around its border. Hitting enemies with a Northern Technique will build up Soul Shatter, hitting them with a Southern Technique will trigger the attack.

As that glow fills and overtakes the health bar, you can trigger it to deal massive damage. The interesting trade-off here is that if you trigger Soul Shatter at the right time, you can outright kill the enemy. If you trigger the Northern Technique variant, you also get a little boost to your own health.

You can combine this with a fast-hitting weapon to build up the Soul Shatter, then swap over to a more powerful weapon to trigger the effect. When you do, the white portion of the glow is deducted from the target’s health bar. If you deduct the full health bar, you kill them outright.

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