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More Path of Exile news for Week 3 of Blight League

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

Blight League and the 3.8 patch series for Path of Exile has been rather successful, as players are enjoying the minion-focused meta and the new tower defense mechanics. The game is enjoying another spike in player counts and interest online, with thousands of gamers wanting to take on the Blight for reward and profit. Developer Grinding Gear Games has also been great about pushing patches and updates out about the game and their future plans. All in all, the fanbase for POE is pretty excited about the future and the current slate of content. And even though the work continues behind-the-scenes on future projects, GGG hasn’t abandoned current work on 3.8. To that end, the company just published an update about some plans they have to deal with issues players are facing with the new expansion.

On the gameplay front for Blight League, the launch has been relatively smooth, but a major problem is starting to become increasingly common. The new league In simple terms, GGG has spelled out that a lot of the stability and performance issues are being caused by too many entities on-screen at once, and when magnified across thousands of players, the effect is huge. “We believe that the popularity of minion builds with 3.8.0 have caused a lot of the performance problems that players are encountering,” GGG said in a post wherein they announced plans to deal with these issues.

The developer has already rolled out a couple of patches for various minor problems, although the commonly cited performance issues are still widely reported by many players in different regions. Instance crashes, high memory usage and other issues are commonplace, and GGG is working to fix it at the deepest level. Some other crashes have been largely dealt with though, like the “Exception: Present” crash. Overall, it seems like GGG is planning to implement some changes to Blighted maps, although their focus remains on delivering a similar experience in terms of difficulty and reward after the changes they have planned are implemented.

No timeline on when these changes will be dropped into Path of Exile. And if you want to learn more about their plans, check out the official thread on the topic. Hopefully we will see improvements in the coming weeks that address both of these problems.

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And just because they could, Grinding Gear Games has also pushed out even more cosmetics into the POE cash shop. This latest set is pretty simple, but offers another new thematic choice for ARPG fans to deck their characters out in.  The new Havenwood Deer Pet blends a rather simple idea, a normal deer, with a natural and diabolic look blended together, which creates a rather awesome looking final product. You can see the cosmetics in the trailer below. This new addition joins the hundreds of other items on the premium currency shop for the game, including the new Void and Miracle sets.

Path of Exile 3.8 and the Blight expansion are live right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You should also check out our other Path of Exile 3.8 Guides if you feel like you’re struggling to adapt to this new challenge:

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