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Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World is a great game. As you undertake adventures across the New World, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult enemies that’ll push you to your limits as a hunter. But luckily for you, the game gives you one trusty helper throughout the course of game that becomes incredibly useful. This helper is your customizable Palico. The adorable kitty buddy is great for both distracting monsters and finding hidden items, it’s extremely helpful.

Upgrading Equipment

Once you’ve defeated a monster for the first time, you’ll unlock the ability to craft new weapons and armour for your feline friend. This equipment is simpler, and cheaper, than your full equipment. It mostly focuses on buffing attack and defense while also improving some abilities specific to your Palico like item gathering.

Your companion also has a variety of gadgets and weapons which each have their uses. For example, certain weapons can  inflict status ailments which damage enemies over time or put them to sleep.

Your Palico will grow over time as you go on hunts and expeditions, but just like many other aspects of this game, there are a special series of quests to add new abilities to your feline friend and upgrade the effectiveness in combat. Part of that process is uncovering hidden tribes of lost Palicos which teach your furry friend how to fight with some new toys.

Grimalkyne location in Ancient Forest

Head to this area on an expedition, head out from the camp in section 1 and look for long and winding path that heads north. The researcher you’ll find near the big plains tells you about the Grimalkyne and begins your quest. There will be various doodles that you can research to get a pinpoint on their location, but really you just need to climb the big tree, ending up near Section 17 of the map, which is in the north-east.

There’s a Grimalkyne in that area who runs away. Chase him back across all of the swinging vines until you get to the top of that tree. Finding the tribe at the end of the chase lets you claim your reward.

Reward – Flashfly Cage – Palico brings out a cage with a flashfly in it. If you hit it, it creates a blinding flash to temporarily blind enemies.

Grimalkyne location in Wildspire Waste

Head to section 8 on the north-east part of the region. There’s a small hole on one side that you need to drop down into (look near an herb at the back of zone 8). Once you do you’ll find the missing tribe. The leader will give you a critical bounty to hunt down three missing members of their group. The missing Palicos will show up on your mini-map. Head around looking for them, aim your Capture Net at them to get them in the bag. They’re a bit skittish, so aim at them from farther away and aim high.

Track them using your world map and dropping a waypoint on them. The “Protectors” have their own unique icon, so they’re pretty easy to see.

Once you’ve captured all three of the Grimalkyne, head back to the hole in Section 8 to claim your reward.

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Reward – Shieldspire – Palico has a shield to taunt monster into attacking it.

Grimalkyne location in Coral Highlands

The Coral Highlands tribe is very straightforward. Head to section 8 and look along the wall for a set of vines. Climb them to reach a small cave, inside a group of Grimalkyne on Shamos mounts will attack you. Follow them after the battle to section 11. Their camp is hidden behind a waterfall.

Speak to the tribe and you’ll get a quest called“Troubled Troopers”, which requires you to hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. Finish that quest to unlock the reward that gives your Palico the Coral Orchestra, as well as the ability to speak to Shamos.

Reward – Coral Orchestra – Palico plays an instrument that buffs hunter’s attack, defence, or bleed resistance, or can reduce amount of stamina drain.

Grimalkyne location in Rotten Vale

This one requires a bit of prep work before you can hunt down the Grimalkyne here. You need to unlock the lower region beneath the starting area to begin your search, that means progressing to the 14th quest in the main story first. Once that’s done, head back to the Rotten Vale with some Raw Meat.

Find the researcher in Section 13 and talk to him after scaring off the Grimalkyne. Next, head to Section 15 where you’ll find the Grimalkyne once more. You’ll see small circular area near the impassible territory in that same area. Head back to the mouth of the cave the leads to that area and wait.

The Grimalkyne will come out at this point, DON’T MOVE! Your Palico will make a comment about more Grimalkyne coming to see what’s up. When they show up, make your approach to earn your reward.

Reward – Plunderblade – Allows Palico to steal crafting items from monsters.

Grimalkyne location in Elder’s Recess

Once you’ve collected all four of the other Grimalkyne skills and reached the Elder’s Recess, talk to the researcher in Astera with the quest marker. This will trigger the quest in the Elder’s Recess for the last Palico gadget. Fair warning, you need your Ghillie Mantle for this, so get that first.

The next step is to complete the bounty for finding 10 Gajalaka tracks. Be warned that these are scattered all over the place, so you need to spend some time looking in out-of-the-way places. Once this is done, head back to the researcher in Astera who will give you a new critical bounty to discover the Gajakala settlement.

Head back to the Recess, section 8 specifically while it’s night, and talk to the researcher there. Stalk around after talking to him, while on lookout for a small hole in the ground, inside that hole is your objective, the Elder who gives your reward.

Reward – Meowlatov Cocktail – Palico has an explosive device that can be thrown at enemies for damage.

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