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Monster Hunter World has adorable new Palico trailer

Released today was a new trailer that showcases just how much customisation can go into your feline companions, which are called Palicos and not some variation on “cat”, thankfully so. Turns out it’s a lot, with fur colour, ear size, grimace, armour, and more all for players to mess around with. See all that in the trailer below.

But a truckload of customization options isn’t the only draw here. Monster Hunter World also features a 40-50 hour main story campaign with a variety of side activities and replayability thrown in. At least according to reports from an interview with the game’s director.

Speaking to German publication (via Gematsu, translated by Google), Monster Hunter: World’s director Yuya Tokuda suggests 40-50 hours is about right for the game’s story mode, however this will ultimately depend on the individual player’s approach.

See our previous Monster Hunter World coverage concerning many of the new side activities in the game. Or maybe learning more about the various areas and monster types in the world is more your speed.

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Whatever your desire, Monster Hunter World looks poised to deliver plenty of bloody action when it releases on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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