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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne patch fixes DX 12 crashes

Monster Hunter World 11.50.01

A new patch issued yesterday by Capcom, bringing Monster Hunter World 11.50.01 to the masses, aims to fix some severe issues with the PC port of the newest adventure game in the Monster Hunter series. There have been some ongoing issues this week with many players reporting slowdowns and crashes when using DirectX 12 in-game as their graphical API. The updated API is supposed to offer better performance over older versions, but it has seemingly introduced new issues. And it appears that the issue most negatively affected users of AMD hardware, so if you’re having issues with your AMD CPU or GPU in the expansion, patch up and see if it helps.

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This is not the first time that Iceborne has had problems either. The original launch of the PC version was plagued by a handful of issues. Some users reported massive degradation of performance due to new anti-cheat features. Other users reported that their save data was being wiped by a bug involving new compiling of save data within the expansion.

Capcom quickly fixed the issues, but many problems still remained. Now the DirectX 12 issues have further soured many player’s will to play the new content. The ongoing slowdowns should be dealt with now as of the Monster Hunter World 11.50.01 patch.

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According to the patch notes:

“Some users may not notice an improvement, depending on their specific hardware or system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your patience as we continue looking into these issues further.”

Capcom is currently working on getting other issues ironed out as well. Other changes include a change which “[adjusted] the frequency of your Palico’s voice dialogue while they’re on standby.”  This was done to make Palico vocalization less annoying for many players.

Here are the full patch notes for Monster Hunter World 11.50.01:

● Fixed an issue where Observation Logs photos would not be recognized correctly under certain PC setups.

● Fixed an issue where crashes would happen while using AMD graphics cards.

● Fixed an issue where DX12 users would experience rare crashes, regardless of the type of graphics cards.

● Fixed an issue where players could not enter their Room under certain PC setups.

● Adjusted the frequency of your Palico’s voice dialogue while they’re on standby.

● Fixed an issue where Steamworks reward item numbers didn’t match the actual number of items you received.

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