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Monster Hunter Rise shown off at The Game Awards 2020 with new trailer

Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise?

During The Game Awards 2020, many different games were shown off with world-exclusive trailers and gameplay footage. This latest round  of announcements has Capcom and Switch fans up in arms, but in a good way. Monster Hunter Rise is coming next year, and we’re finally getting a deeper look into the world. The setting of Kamura Village is brand new, and brings with it new and returning monsters. As usual, we’re seeing sub-speciies across the spectrum in this new mainline entry.

We also got to take a look at the Flooded Forest, the zone where most of the hunts will take place. Various iconic beasts like Khezu, who was introduced back in the very first game, have returned in new forms. Fans are very happy about that.

Capcom has teased some of the game’s new features and various elements that are different though. For example, there’s no rotatiog event quest roster. The game follows the model of  Monster Hunter XX (Generations Ultimate) and has quests that are downloaded and played at your leisure. Also, gameplay will be more akin to the older games.

Monster Hunter Rise uses a more classic style of gameplay where single-player village quests are separate from the multiplayer gathering hub quests in the game. You can have four hunters in a group in these online hubs.

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By taking the lessons from MHW and backing them onto the Switch, we’re setting the first true return to the Nintendo platforms that the franchise was synonymous with for years. The Palicoes are back of course, and joined by some new doggo companions as well. And with the new seamless loads and more streamlined gameplay, this could end up being the best entry in the franchise in years.

Check out that new trailer below.

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