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Monster Hunter Rise showcases six minutes of Great Sword gameplay

Monster Hunter Rise showcases six minutes of Great Sword gameplay

Monster Hunter Rise has some new gameplay footage of the Switch release that should make veteran hunters very happy. Being that this is the newest gameplay footage for the Switch title, we’re about to see more of these I suspect. Seeing iconic weapons like this return to the game reveals that Capcom has big plans for the game. Hopefully, we get to see more of the weapons that are coming in the new video game.

The new trailer contains about six minutes of Great Sword footage, along with some other teases. The Great Sword largely looks the same as it has in other games in the franchise. It’s a big and slow weapon, but it packs a ton of punch and defensive power as well. This weapon in competent hands is a force to be reckoned with.

There are other things we get to see that are new, like the Wirebug mechanic. We also get some teases of the new canine companions that offer another addition to the Palicos from World. All these can be used in tandem for better positioning around monsters. You can flip and fly through the air to get a better position above a monster for combos, for example. It can also be used as a crutch if you need to zip out of the way of an attack, although its utility as a dodge will likely be somewhat limited. It would be pretty busted if the game allowed use fo the Wirebugs that was too agressive.

Check out the footage of the iconic Great Sword from Monster Hunter Rise down below. Monster Hunter Rise is set to launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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