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Minecraft Java 1.15 snapshot is buzzing

Mojang Cancels Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Update

With the return of snapshot releases to the Java-based version of Minecraft on the PC, gamers and fans got some rather sweet news, as a new friend is coming to the world of the block-based builder.

Various mod packs for the massively popular PC title have experimented with this idea over the years, but this marks the first time they’re being introduced as an official addon. Bees in the base game will be neutral mobs that interact with flowers and other plants, both to reproduce and to collect pollen. That pollen is then taken back to the home nest of a given bee for conversion into honey. You can even use Dispensers to semi-automate the process of extracting said honey.

Players can build Bee Hives from honeycomb and wood planks, and then using a Silk Touch weapon to break the honeycomb, players can encourage bees to go out and gather more pollen. Tactically positioning hives near important crops can help said crop grow faster, as pollination speeds up the growth process a bit.

Java Edition 1.15 also fixed some actual bugs in Minecraft, which are listed on the update post here. Build 19W34A is available to download right now.

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