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Minecraft: Dungeons coming to PC, releases in 2019

Minecraft: Dungeons Announced for PC in 2019

Mojang had plenty of announcements for Minecraft, one of which is a completely new spin-off title. The new title is called Minecraft: Dungeons.

The game is an action-adventure dungeon-crawler set in the Minecraft universe with lots of crossover content. Expect to see plenty of mobs, locations and themes from the Minecraft world.

It can also be played solo or with four players in co-op mode.

This is currently a PC exclusive according to this announcement, but the possibility still exists of an Xbox One release, it’s just that it looks unlikely given the much larger installed userbase on PC for Minecraft. It’s a fairly small-scale release judging, so I wouldn’t count on much in forms of multi-playform releases at this time.

In other Minecraft news, Mojang also announced new modding tools which would allow increased direct control over mobs and spawning, as well as animations. There’s also an upcoming 2019 Minecraft update called “Village and Pillage,” which introduces new mobs, as well as a profession system to the game. Minecrafters will now have the ability to become butchers, librarians and more in-game. You can even become a barbarian and turn into a roaming warband of destruction.

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Check out the trailer for Minecraft: Dungeons down below.

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